The STORY of Blue Owl

One evening, during the time I was considering company names, I was walking by the lake. In the dark I could see the outline of an owl perched on the rocks nearby. After a long moment she silently flew off. She was completely white, a snowy owl, with a huge wing span. In a moment of connection I felt her power, wisdom and resilience; values that I cultivated while being coached! Intuition told me this was synchronicity. Inspired by my story, my daughter made a carving of an owl. It was natural to make my owl blue as I surround myself with all things blue, I find it calming and peaceful. And so Blue Owl was born.

Meet Janie van Essen
Janie 3I am a curious person, routinely “checking under the hood” for how we work. So when I bumped into “life coaching” I was immediately hooked by the challenges and opportunities the coaching process inspires. Coaching is a natural extension of my curiosity, exploring the possibilities with my client is exciting and very rewarding.

I have earned my coaching credentials in New York City with wise and experienced instructors who share my values for Collaborative Communication (or NVC as established by Dr Marshal Rosenberg). I am a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Unlike traditional therapy, life coaching is collaborative, with you the client determining the desired outcomes. My role as the Coach is to help you to help yourself. Training and experience has taught me how to listen and reflect back what I hear and to use intuition to pose questions to help you gain insight.

I believe that learning to observe and explore our responses to life leads to us to self- awareness, confidence and the courage to create conscious, positive change. When not  facilitating change  I enjoy being with family and friends, supporting local resilience, gardening, meditation, travel and being spontaneous to what life has to offer.


Meet Vanessa Alexander
vanessaVanessa is a conflict analyst and consultant with a background in cultural anthropology and conflict resolution – she is the facilitator for conflict transformation workshops. Vanessa spent seven years living and traveling throughout Europe and Africa providing conflict analysis, impact evaluations, corporate social performance reviews and workshop design and facilitation to governments, NGOs and companies before returning to Canada in 2011. Vanessa draws on her international experience as well as her knowledge of the Canadian context to bring fresh, innovative ideas to problem solving, inventive workshop design and developing effective strategies for transforming conflict in the workplace to a wide variety of clients.

Vanessa has a BA in Cultural Anthropology from McMaster University in Canada and a Masters in Dispute and Conflict Resolution from the law department at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, UK as well as certifications in refugee law and conflict analysis. She currently works with INCAS Consulting, Triple R Alliance and Blue Owl Coaching.

When not analyzing conflict, Vanessa enjoys cooking and eating with family and friends, playing tennis, knitting and traveling to new and interesting destinations.